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Our Limo Service Beginnings

Our story begins with a boy’s dream and his passion for driving Big Cars. The founder of the company enjoyed riding buses all around town, all day long. Later on, as a young teen, he travelled the country all on his own.  This boy’s joy and freedom while riding all around the country grew into a vision of being able to do this for a living. He has always had the biggest respect and admiration for the bus drivers, shuttle, train drivers and taxi drivers. He loved the casual conversations people had with the drivers on the way home, and he loved the relief people felt when they were picked up and dropped off at their destinations. This boy’s aspiration grew into a dream of having this transportation business.

Many years ago, upon moving from Ukraine to California at the age of 18, this now young man’s main job in the US was with a shuttle company. After working 12 hour days with barely any breaks in between, he then moved to being a taxi driver. He had acquired a taxi license, purchased a taxi, rented a medallion, and worked in shifts with his partner. However, after a long while, he had then realized that he needed to start his own transportation company in order to shine his professionalism, and dedication, implementing his own learned techniques and experience.

In 2003, him, and his wife opened a limo company in San Francisco, CA. In 2021, they moved to Gainesville, Florida and now joyfully continue running this limousine business with a renewed interest and dedication, covering the whole Central Florida and beyond.

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